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WKP Compost

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Compost Tea and Bagged Compost in  Boise City, Ok

Our Grooovy Story

WKP Compost originated in the Oklahoma Panhandle in 2013. A part of multiple ventures, this family business started from a desire to create quality compost that would benefit local farmers for many years to come. After much research and implementation of the composting process, we realized that “composting” means many different things to many people.

How We Produce Our Compost

We use the usual method of composting by turning and watering raw manure regularly. The procedure allows the manure to "bake" out any unwanted pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella, and weed seeds that are prevalent in raw manure.

In allowing nature to take its course through the natural heating process, microbial activity is enhanced and proper decomposition takes place. The final product is a rich, dark soil that contains only an earthy smell without the stinking manure odor!

We found that other people who compost will often utilize the same process but would not take the project through the completed stages. The insufficient processing oftentimes leads to foul-smelling compost filled with live pathogens and weed seeds that are not properly killed.

What We Are Today

When locals began to inquire about purchasing our compost, we decided that it made sense to package compost in one-cubic-foot bags. Thus, Grooovy Poo evolved!

The whimsical dairy cow in our logo depicts the compost’s origin, while the colorful bag mirrors the various colors one would see in their garden or flower bed.

What to Do With Grooovy Poo

Here are just a few reasons to use Grooovy Poo:
  • Gardening and Farming
  • Commercial Landscaping
  • Residential Landscaping

You can also use Grooovy Poo for:

  • Organic Farms
  • Golf Courses

  • Tree Farms
  • Nurseries

  • Green Houses